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The Barrier

The Authorship Question suffers for a lack of a comprehensive explanation for how someone other than the true author’s name became on the works. Oxfordian explanations of ‘It’s a pseudonym’ or ‘stigma of print’ are incomplete, seemingly failing to address the scope of the deception. On the other side, Stratfordian cries of ‘conspiracy theory’ are noticeably ignorant of the social climate and societal mores in many ways.

The diagram below stresses the most important factor. Elizabethan society was a class system. Between the nobility and commoners was a barrier. There are remnants of that barrier in English society today. The barrier was not simply a bar on nobles putting their name in print. It was a barrier of many purposes. It was a barrier against nobles doing any kind of work. And it was a barrier that protected the nobility by limiting the commoners views and understanding of that lifestyle.


To believe that Vere wrote the plays and poems is to believe that they began their journey on the Nobbility side of that barrier. The incontrovertible fact is that Shakespeare’s works come down to us from the commoner side of the barrier. A comprehensive Post Stratfordian authorship hypothesis must provide some basic answers.WHY – Why were the works moved across the barrier.WHY – Why were the works moved across the barrier.

  • WHY – Why were the works moved across the barrier?
  • HOW – How were the works moved across the barrier?
  • WHO – Who moved the works across the barrier?

The Chapman Solution points to William Shakspere as the favorite/minion of the author, William Shake-speare. The beauty of the Chapman Solution is that the nobleman/favorite relationship is one place where the barrier between nobility and commoners is most permeable. It is here where the barrier that keeps such a distinct separation between classes is prone to leaks.  It is here where the hand-off of the works from the nobility to the commoners is most easily achieved.


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