A Post Stratfordian Shake-speare Blog
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Yes – the world needs another blog discussing the Shakespeare Authorship Question from a post-Stratfordian perspective.

The purpose here is to discuss a number of Shakespeare topics that interest me in a format somewhat more formal and thorough than a social media site, but less formal than an academic treatise or book.

This blog is un-authorized spin-off of Quake-speare Shorterly, Rambler’s ground-breaking look into what the literary scene in Elizabethan and early Jacobean England was saying about Edward de Vere. Rambler has brought to the surface a tremendous amount of information, some of it rough, precious stones, if you will. If you only read one Shake-speare blog, read Rambler.

This blog will begin with a look at Chapman’s The Gentleman Usher and attempt to cut, polish, and set those precious stones into argument.  I’m also interested in the topics of dating the plays and Shakespeare’s education and hope to discuss those in due course.


Chris   September 2013