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Rambler for Dummies

Regular readers of Rambler’s blog will recognize the terms ‘arsey-versy’ and ‘put the cart before the horse’ and more recently the greek concept of hysteron proteon.  Rambler has shown this trait of backward speaking occurs in, and is referred to, various characters in plays of the period AND those characters are invariable linked to Vere in myriads of ways.   His October 3 blog entry has a good summary of some of this material.

The clip below is Nathan Fillion, Dogberry in Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing explaining how he ‘got’ Shakespeare’s dialog.


“Shakespeare writes like Yoda speaks,” says Fillion. That’s as nice a late-20th century explanation of ‘arsey-versey’ for dummies we’ve heard.  And from Rambler we know that Yoda isn’t the only one who speaks that way. Vere does also!


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